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Paper Vs Plastic essays

Paper Vs Plastic expositions a. Paper or Plastic? You hear this adage pretty much every time you go to the supermarket. Also, plastic sacks arent exactly at the market, there all over, landfills, the seas and lakes, holding tight trees around our neighborhoods, and choking out natural life b. This is on the grounds that plastic sacks are not biodegradable, so any place individuals leave them, they will remain, always, not at all like paper packs a. Some individuals contend that the expense of assembling a plastic sack is significantly less than assembling a paper pack, yet genuinely with regards to sparing our condition does a couple of pennies matter b. Even more individuals can contend that plastic sacks are considerably more helpful than a paper pack will ever be i. For one plastic sacks dont permit things to spill ii. They are very flexible, that one plastic sack that you conveyed home your food supplies in, can be utilized to line you trash can, convey your workout clothes to class, and even can be utilized as a lunch pack, and Im sure all of you have numerous different uses for plastic sacks iii. As much as I care for the earth, I also am blameworthy of over utilizing plastic sacks, after all they are all over the place, yet when I would i be able to utilize paper a. I imagine that utilizing paper sacks is better for the earth in light of the fact that i. Paper is produced using an inexhaustible asset, trees. We can plant more trees ii. Paper packs are biodegradable (a plastic sack would in any case be in a landfill a long time from now while a paper pack would be a distant memory in around 1 yr). iii. And in light of the fact that paper basic food item sacks can be reused and reused so without any problem b. Another advantage that I think originates from paper packs is i. that dissimilar to plastic sacks, paper packs when discarded separate without any problem ii. Paper packs can likewise be reused and used to make more paper c. I feel that naturally insightful, paper packs are your most ideal decision, since they represent no danger to the earth a. Id same Im to some degree respectable at ... <!

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Behaviour 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Conduct 2 - Essay Example It was noticed that dominant part of the fuel starved families have a place with the lower salary gathering of the general public which likewise connotes the high charged power administrations of UK. In contrast with UK, Qatar is a nation giving free power to their residents and is additionally having adequate power to keep up their national and corporate prerequisites. In actuality, UK has kept up the conviction that charging power and other vitality sources will help in understanding the estimation of fuel and furthermore create ideal use of the assets (Middlemiss and Gillard, 2015). In any case, the moderate abatement in the pace of fuel neediness doesn't legitimize the strategy of the UK Energy Sector. It was noted in the Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report 2014 that the combined hole of fuel destitution is relied upon to increment to  £1.1 billion in the year 2014 from  £1 billion out of 2012 (Department of vitality and environmental change, 2014a). The normal power bill being paid by a little level or house (2000kWH utilization of power) in UK is  £67 every month and the yearly bill is  £802 and the normal power bill for a medium house (3200kWH utilization of power) is  £ 1163 (Department of vitality and environmental change, 2014b). As indicated by the LIHC measure, it has been featured that practically outside understudies need to pay around 5 to 12% of their all out pay for power salary which is very exorbitant in contrast with the free power administration gave in Qatar. The typical cost for basic items for the settler understudies has expanded due to top of the line power charges forced by Governed and other specialist co-ops so as to confine the utilization of vitality (Lawson, Williams and Wooliscroft, 2015). This segment of the task features the outcomes that are acquired after examination of SPSS information. The information is acquired from the reactions of the surveys. The principle point of the overview is to gauge the impact of budgetary expense of vitality on the

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The uppsala model a poor guide

The uppsala model a poor guide      The Uppsala model is outstanding amongst other known models of how firms set about the internationalization procedure. It presents a consecutive methodology, implying that the firm internationalizes steadily. The model expect that there is an absence of information on the outside market which is unfavorable to internationalization, thusly it recommends that a firm ought to initially build up itself in its local market, at that point increment its responsibility and assets in the objective nation in stages, advancing to the following stage once adequate comprehension and information on the remote economic situations have been attainted. The four phases distinguished by this model are alluded to as the foundation chain. Stage 1 is the point at which the firm has no ordinary fare movement; stage 2 is the point at which the firm starts to fare to the objective nation through operators or free agents; stage 3 includes the foundation of deals auxiliaries lastly the fourth st ep is beginning to create and additionally make in the objective nation.      This system additionally depends vigorously on the idea of mystic separation, characterized as the variables forestalling or upsetting the progressions of data among firms and markets. (Tayeb, M. Worldwide business P141) This proposes firms are bound to fabricate global relations with nations which seem to have the most similitudes to them. These elements could incorporate language, culture, political frameworks, instructive frameworks and mechanical turn of events. Clairvoyant separation is regularly connected with land separation, however this isn't generally the situation. One case of this is the connections between United Kingdom with nations like New Zealand and Australia; the nations have a generally little mystic separation as they communicate in a similar language, have comparative societies and furthermore comparable political and instructive structures, but then are geologically far separated.      So how valuable is this model, the creators themselves don't express that it very well may be utilized in all conditions.      One of the main reactions of the Uppsala model is that it very well may be associated with both the firm and the market. The examination did by Johanson, J and Wiedersheim-Paul in 1975 featured the internationalization procedure of the four firms included, anyway the model itself keeps an eye on the internationalization of a firm in a particular market. extend      The model recommends an indistinguishable bit by bit process for the internationalization of the firm, which is proposed to be rehashed for every nation that the firm attempts to go into. (Firms will in general enter new markets with progressively more noteworthy mystic separation) However this view doesn't propose a level of trouble from venture to step, nor from nation to nation. Moreover It accept that the amount and kind of information required is indistinguishable in each market, when in actuality some information will be transferable and apply to more than one market. Then again a few markets will be limitlessly unique. The model is a genuinely decent manual for internationalization as it energizes steady realizing which decreases a portion of the vulnerabilities connected with outside business sectors. Anyway it could be censured on the grounds that it neglects to take in to thought that a portion of the data got is transferable.      The Uppsala model additionally neglects to think about the particular market condition and industry attributes in the objective nation. This incorporates economies of scale, innovative work power and furthermore government guidelines. grow Internationalization can begin at any stage skips arranges, a model? Of a FDI W/out fare and so forth. Blended exact help, particularly ‘stages for example proof of ‘leapfrogging, increasing speed SMEs for instance regularly start the internationalization procedure when they generally little and step by step increment their universal nearness. Most of SMEs have an absence of universal information, as they are generally local organizations bringing about restricted worldwide experience. Along these lines the choice to dispatch themselves globally is more hazardous than that of bigger firms, this is likewise because of the necessary speculation expected to internationalize, insufficient administration and absence of brand acknowledgment. For these organizations it appears that the Uppsala model permits them to pick up this fundamental involvement with stages, expanding their insight into the worldwide markets and permitting them to examine the chances and issues which exist. By permitting the firm to acquaint itself with the market, with moderately okay fares the Uppsala model evacuates or diminishes a large portion of the drawbacks that SMEs face when attempting to internationa lize, anyway it doesn't manage the potential absence of fund confronting a significant number of these organizations. The firm may likewise experience issues with insecurity of trade rates, nearby laws and guidelines or political stuns; anyway this isn't selective to SMEs. This proposes the model is a serious effective guide for SMEs anyway with an absence of capital the SME may think that its hard to advance to the third of fourth stages except if the fares have produced them adequate benefits.      Edwards and Buckley (1988) found that most Australian firms who had put resources into British industrial facilities or offices had not gone through a fare stage. The Uppsala model features internationalization as a gradual procedure of learning through understanding, however because of the advances in innovation, training and travel numerous new organizations have tremendous sums on global information, on account of relations with MNCS. This features organizations with experience, or enterprising firms would discover the Uppsala model a poor manual for internationalization, as they as of now have adequate information and assets to skip arranges and put resources into a remote nation. The Uppsala model doesn't think about the utilization of vital partnerships or joint endeavors as pathways to internationalization. Joint endeavors permit firms to share every others abilities and information on every others markets, consequently decreasing the dangers. One case of this i s NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc), this is the joint endeavor between General Motors and Toyota. Toyota would profit by access to the US market, and General Motors would profit by Toyotas innovative information and its prestigious administration structures. (Czinkota, M, Global Business P414) The ascent of brought into the world worldwide firms Perhaps a few positives?! Conc. How great/poor is it as a guide. Why? Allude to contentions      Internationalisation is the procedure of â€Å"increasing association in universal operations† (Welch and Luostarinen). Welch, D.J./Luostarinen, R., Internationalization: Evolution of a Concept, Journal of General Management, 14(2), 1988, pp. 36-64 Clegg J, Internationalization systems P193-196 (1997) Macmillan Press Tayeb, M. Universal business (2000) P141, Prentice Hall Johanson, J and J-E Vahlne, (1977) The internationalization procedure of the firm P23-32 Johanson, J and Wiedersheim-Paul (1975) The internationalization of the firm P305 322 Czinkota, M, Ronkainen, I, Moffett, M and Moynihan, E (2001) Global Business P414, Harcourt College Publishers

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Ethics Essay - 275 Words

Nietzche on Ethics: Human, all too Human (Essay Sample) Content: Nietzche on Ethics: Human, all too Human.Name:Institution:Date: Nietzche on Ethics: Human, all too Human Ethics refers to thought processes that are applied in defining concepts of what is right or wrong with respect to behavior, conduct and moral status. Ethics is based on philosophies that address peoples moral diversity which can be approached through meta-ethics, applied ethics and normative ethics. Nietzsche approach to ethics entailed a multifaceted view, with his views mostly being classified as moral skepticism due to his claims that all ethical statements were untrue. This belief was based on the observation that any connection between ethical orientation and moral grounding were due to illusionary facts since there was no universally accepted truth or fact. Nietzsche was a believer of perception or peoples interpretative power that was an inherent quality that enables persons to create their own ethical and moral truths that fit their daily needs and wants i n life. Nietzsche was extremely critical of matters relating to ethics and morality, and their application in various aspects of life like politics, religion, philosophy and other socioeconomic aspects of life. Nietzsche view on ethics can be regarded as virtuous and perfectionist in nature with respect to peoples perceptions and agency an aspect that he claims to be essential in the constitution of non-conscious type-facts that determine their actions (Nietzsche 347). This is exemplified in the chapter of the book titled On the History of Moral Feelings where he challenges the Christian ideas of evil and good (74). He sees the human understanding and presence of free will and choice as a fabrication of reality that is furthered or promoted by the church. The criticism leveled against the church can be explained by looking at Nietzsches belief that ethics was used to control human emotion and their ability to influence action. To counter this, Nietzsche believes that people should realize ethics are personal aspects associated with the perception of self and how it affects their relationship with the outside world. It can be seen from this description that Nietzsche did not believe in any prescribed ethics of any kind, for he saw generalized or universal ethics as tools of control and hypocrisy. In their stead, Nietzsche ascribed to a set of personal values that work to promote and boost ones endeavors in self-improvement as long they do not contravene laws and/or peoples wellbeing. Nietzsche ascribed to a brand of ethics that stems from his staunch belief in creating oneself by disregarding all what was learnt and experienced before they came upon the truth. To him, ethics should be not be composed of socially accepted norms and stereotypes that serve to govern peoples attitudes and perceptions in life. Ethics should be private and/or personal creation of what best suits an individuals ideal perception of self and their environment. The creation of a new se lf and subsequent personal ethics gives an individual the opportunity to achieve a higher sense of self. For effective recognition of these attributes in a person, Nietzsche believed that a person who had achieved a higher sense of self exhibited through unique behavioral aspects that set them apart from other people. These include the pursuit of unifying projects, solitary in disposition, leads a healthy lifestyle that is life affirming and the practice of self-reverence. The ability to achieve these behavioral and thought processes was an indication of a higher purpose in life, which was due to influence and impact on the successes of self, but also on their associates. The use of aphorisms in Human, all too Human can be construed to be a representation of his new sense of higher self as a result of his creationism. He uses aphorism to describe his ethical postulates because he perceives them as unique to self, and thus, cannot be generalized or viewed as universally applicable. N ietzsche appreciated aphorism and its application in defining ethics, which he also described as an art...

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The Was A Man With His Own Ideas - 1348 Words

Thomas Paine was a man with his own ideas. He was a strong supporter of the French Revolution. Paine Believes human rights are given by nature. Rights cannot be given by a government because that implies that human rights are legally allowed to be taken away from someone, thus making rights a privilege. He believes that the purpose of a government is to protect the individual and his/her inalienable rights that they carry. He claims that an illegitimate way of government is a monarchy and an aristocracy. Paine highly disliked the systems of a monarchy he called it a â€Å"silly, contemptible thing†. He states the first kings were a sort of bandits. He says they seized control of new start up societies as he says the kings took control of these†¦show more content†¦The people are not allowed to meddle with creating and fixing laws. The life of a monarchy government is an expensive life. Thus requires the king to tax his people. When the monarch is oppressive this is wh en the people have no voice. Any demonstration or outcry by the people will get shut down quickly. They can stay in power for decades only death can stop a monarch. If the monarch is a tyrant like leader the people must endure these hardships for as long as that monarch is alive. Monarchs successors can sometimes be not the brightest individuals. They might not possess the actual knowledge to functionally run a country. Not one person can run a country. The old style of monarchies and governments did not produce order. Most of what they produced were wars and taxes on the people. Depending on the monarch they may be lenient or they might be controlling in the rights and laws for the people. This infringes on the natural rights and laws people are granted with. A monarch could take away the laws and rights that we are born with a simple word uttered by him. Rights and laws given by nature to all humans could be taken away in a split second by this monarch. Paine later compares the two style of governments, a monarchy and a republic where he writes that a monarchy Is extremely less valuable than a republic. Paine later describes that new republican style of governments like those in America and France are much more beneficial to aShow MoreRelatedEmily Dickinson: Transcendentalist Experience Through Imagination1514 Words   |  7 PagesThe early 19th century ideas of transcendentalism, which were introduced by Ralph Emerson and David Thoreau, where man as an individual becomes spiritually consumed with nature and himself through experience are contrasted by Emily Dickinson, who chose to branch off this path by showing that a transcendentalist experience could be achieved through imagination alone. These three monumental writers set the boundaries for this new realm of thought. Although these writers ideas were not similar, theyRead MoreUnderground Man By Fyodor Dostoyevsky1453 Words   |  6 PagesDostoyevsky paints Underground man as someone who is tortured in his novel Notes From Underground. Despite everything that Underground man says he is lost and has no sense of his identity. When the character of Liza is introduced the reader gains some hope that the Underground man can find love. Although Underground man ultimately pushes Liza away, he really loved her through his own idea of love. Underground man shows this love for her through his first conversation with Liza, his trying to save Liza, andRead More Oneness in Walden, Nature and American Scholar Essay1154 Words   |  5 PagesNature and The American Scholar. In each of these works, an idea of wholeness, oneness, with nature is expressed. Thoreau and Emerson both believe that man, in order to live a full, happy life, must live in harmony with nature. Both writers share several ideas as to how thi s oneness with nature can be achieved, and its significance. Emerson, in his Scholar address, states that nature is the most important influence on man and his thinking. Because in nature there is no beginning and no endRead MoreThe Transcendentalist Movement Of Ralph Waldo Emerson1609 Words   |  7 Pages Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer, and poet who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of individualism and a prescient critic of the countervailing pressures of society, and he disseminated his thoughts through dozens of published essays and more than 1,500 public lectures across the United States. Emerson gradually moved away from the religious and social beliefs of his contemporaries, formulating and expressing the philosophyRead More Compare and Contrast the Way in which Emerson and Thoreau Represents American Identity1290 Words   |  6 PagesStates of America was being colonized by European countries especially by England. However, on 4th of July 1776 America became independent after having drafted the â€Å"Declaration of Independence† initiated by Thomas Jefferson [History of the United States, Wikipedia]. The difference between these two time periods shows that Britain had colonized America for about 176 years which ultimately led to prosper European cultures. Although America became an independent nation, European culture was still playingRead MorePoes Heart Essay1456 Words   |  6 Pagescomposers of all time. His works contain trending themes such as love, time, death and the concept of â€Å"oneness.† Poe often expressed these themes according to events that he had experienced, and some of his themes intertwined with others. Take for instance, his love for beauty and perfection played a major role in his concept of oneness, or state of absolute fulfillment. However in his short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, Poe effectively explores the power of guilt, and leads his readers through a cynicalRead MoreRalph Waldo Emerson And H enry David Thoreau1336 Words   |  6 Pageswriters to become an individual through their own writings. Transforming a movement known as Transcendentalism, both Emerson and Thoreau used this simple idea of nature, society and individualism to their advantage. Both used this simple idea to not only understand themselves, but also the world around them. Emerson and Thoreau held many of the same values on nature and relationships, but they did not agree on everything individualism had to offer a man. Emerson and Thoreau grasped this movementRead MoreA Very Old Man With Enormous Wings918 Words   |  4 PagesSet in a small village, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings combines an intriguing mix of reality and imagination. The story begins when an old man with wings enters the scene. The characters in the story are faced with the conflict of who and what the man actually is and what to do with him. The main characters Peleyo, the one who first encounters the man, and his wife Elisenda, end up housing him in their chicken coop. As the story unfolds, some abuse the man while others go to him in hopes ofRead MoreThe Elephant Man Analysis1423 Words   |  6 PagesImportance of Change in The Elephant Man Joseph Campbell once said that when, â€Å"we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness (Campbell). This quote perfectly describes the positive transformation one can undergo, if only one is willing to try. There are ultimately only two outcomes that a character can have: either he changes, and changes his surroundings as well, or he does not and his life continues on as is, staticRead MoreThe Influence Of Calvinist Ideas On The Early Nineteenth Century900 Words   |  4 PagesCalvinist ideas were prominent in America in the early eighteenth century, ideologies that were brought upon by the puritans. Calvinism, which was based on the teachings of John Calvin, emphasizes predestination and salvation because a man had no free will and thus dependent of God, man had no control over his own spiritual fate, hence their over all actions in life. (Garcia, Lecture 2, p.2) However, John Winthrop, a purita n lawyer of the time, and others criticized this idea, Winthrop discussed

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The Human Life Expectancy - 1289 Words

Over the human life expectancy, performance of memory demonstrates extensive variety and differences, with a generous increase in execution and performance over childhood and youth, a sneak peak in young adulthood, and fast decrease with propelling grown-up age. Memory execution improves and increases amid youth and pre-adulthood, and declines as the person hits maturity or in old age. Among more youthful grown-ups, better capacity to bind things to the setting in which they were experienced is connected with higher working memory execution of the individuals. This increasing and decreasing pattern of memory applies to both short-term as well as episodic memory. The arrangement of complex memory representations, going from perceptual element to the development of higher order memories, ideas, and thoughts, fundamentally relies on upon binding processes. A study was conducted to analyze the degree to which age differences in binding add to life expectancy age contrasts in short-term memory (STM). Young kids, adolescents , more youthful grown-ups, and grown-ups worked on global and local short-term recognition fleeting acknowledgment assignments that are accepted to measure and judge item and item-context memory, individually. A two-component framework was proposed of memory development across life span of the individuals. There were certain assumptions taken into consideration in this study. Given the inadequate data and evidence with respect to age-related changes andShow MoreRelatedThe Average Life Expectancy For A Human873 Words   |  4 PagesThe average life expectancy for a human is 78 years old. This number has constantly increased over the years and will continue to. But, have you ever wondered how it would be to live 100 years old? It sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your children, grandchildren and even your great grandchildren grow up? It sounds way too good to be true doesn’t it? Well what I told you that thousands of people around the world located in blue zones live to be 100 years of age or olderRead MorePopulation Aging And Human Life Expectancy1160 Words   |  5 Pagestotal population in a certain district. In the United States, the situation of population aging is more severe than that in the past. The decrease in both mortality and fertility and the advanced medical technology that helps in expanding human’s life expectancy can be main reasons for this phenomenon. On the other hand, there was a baby boom from the period after the world- war II to 1960s, and people who were born during that time are ready to retire in the following years from the present. In generalRead MoreSolutions for Low Life Expectancy Essay861 Words   |  4 PagesINVESTIGATE TWO POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO LOW LIFE EXPECTANCY Life expectancy is the average period of a person may expect to live. The life expectancy can be predict or calculate by the analysis of life tables which is also known as the actuarial table. The term that is known as life expectancy is most often used in the context of human population in a country. It also can be said that the average life expectancy of an individual depends on the importance they give on their health. CurrentlyRead MoreCzech Republic s Problem Of Poverty796 Words   |  4 Pageswith decreased from 27.5 in 2004 to 26.1 in 2012. Apart from income indicator, poverty and inequality can be indicated by Human Development Index (HDI). The Human Development Index (HDI) is the measurement of human development accomplishment from three dimensions: life expectancy, education and standard of living (HDR, 2015b). Country grouping ranks from low to very high human development with the number below 0.550 and 0.800 and above respectively (HDR, 2015b). According to Table 6 and Table 7Read MoreThe Importance of Human Development in Terms of Living Conditions in Different Countries731 Words   |  3 PagesThe Importance of Human Development in Terms of Living Conditions in Different Countries Human development is very important in terms of living conditions in different countries. The statement â€Å"any society committed to improving the lives of its people must also be committed to full and equal rights for all† is true. The UN considers three factors to calculate human development in a country. These factors cover many aspects of a country, including social development in a country. IncomeRead MoreHealth and Social Care Level 3 Assign3 Essay1207 Words   |  5 Pages3.1 Analyse why life expectancy has increase over the last century. Life expectancy in the human race has risen dramatically in the past century reaching its highest level for both male and female on record. Between 1981 and 2002 life expectancy at age 50 increases by four and a half years for men and three years for women and two years respectively. By 2002 women who were age of 65 could expect to live to the age of 84 while men could expect to live to the age of 81. The primary reason for theRead MoreIs Canada the Best Place to Live in?811 Words   |  4 Pagesgreat home for many cultures. Canada is indeed the best place to live in, as is proved by its Human Development Index, Life Expectancy at Birth, Death Rate, and Overall Rank. Canada s ranks for all 3 statistics are all very good; they are within the top 3. Canada s Overall Rank (1-10) is 2, while the other countries overall ranks aren t as close to 1. Compared to other countries, Canada’s Human development Index is at a higher advantage. It was and is ranked first, which shows Canada,Read MoreGeography Health : Questions On Health885 Words   |  4 Pagesrate is 3 and this is the case for Sweden, Iceland and Japan. The general trend is that the average IMR is 46 and the rates are greater in LEDCs than in MEDCs. 5. DALY stands for disability-adjusted life year. A DALY is looked at as one lost year of healthy life. It is a way to measure how much life is being lost by a disease and how far away the current health situation is from the ideal one. 6. Morbidity is greater in LEDCs than in MEDCs. The causes of morbidity in LEDCs are heart diseases, lungRead MoreThe Inner Drive of Motivation984 Words   |  4 PagesMotivation is simply means an inner drive to behave or act in a certain manner. To relate Organization and Human Resource, motivation is defined as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. There are three key elements of motivation, which are intensity, direction, and persistence. Intensity is refers to how hard a person tries on something. Direction is the orientation, path or guideline that benefits the organizationRead MoreEssay on Low Health Expectancy1034 Words   |  5 Pageslow health expectancy in developing countries? Discuss possible solutions to reduce this problem. Tutor Name: Andrew Nummey Student ID Number: 200860429 Date of Submission: Friday 2nd December 2011 Word count:966 STUDENT ID: 200860429 MODULE CODE: FC501 3T ANDREW NUMMEY What are the factors which contribute to low health expectancy in developing countries? Discuss possible solutions to reduce this problem. Low health expectancy continues

Logmanagement Java Program Documentation

Questions: 1. Populate the objects with the data read form the specified log file. 2. Manipulate these classes to generate custom reports. 3. Provide text based menu for the program for user interactivity. Answers: Logmanagement Java Program documentation The program is designed to achieve the following tasks. Populate the objects with the data read form the specified log file. Manipulate these classes to generate custom reports. Provide text based menu for the program for user interactivity. The whole program is composed of the following classes Main LogEntry Event PolicyEvent InventoryEvent SoftwareUpdates We use a generalization concept to implement the Event class. That is the classes, PolicyEvent, InventoryEvent, SoftwareUpdates are extended or inherited from the abstract class Event. Event consists of two abstract methods. getEventName() getEventStatus() The getEventName() method is overridden by its subclasses to return their respective event names. getEventStatus() method is used to return the individual status of the event subclasses. Here we use the concept of polymorphism. Now let us examine how the program works. The Main class is the class that contains the main() function. Executions start here. It first reads user input using a BufferedReader class for reading the log file. If the user typed the wrong file name then it asks again for the right file name. Once the correct log file name is specified the program displays a menu containing two options. Menu is constructed using a do-while loop. Just before the menu appears, the program reads the logfile line by line. Each line split to words. These are stored on the objects of LogEntry class and Event class. LogEntry class consists of the following members Time as string Machine Name as String Event as the Event class. The first two parts of the line of the logfile is stored in the Time, Machine Name respectively. The remaining parts are stored using the Event class. Event class specifies the generalization of the each event. There are two data structures are used to hold the collection of the LogEntry class. ArrayList HashMap HashMap is used to hold the collection of the LogEntrys using a key. One specialty of the HashMap is it does not allow the duplicate keys. We can use this facility to uniquely display the machine names. The printMachines() method in the main class makes use of this HashMap. Since HashMap not containing the whole log data, We use the ArrayList to keep them. In both cases of ArrayList and HashMap we use iterate interface to iterate through the objects. We use FileWriter and BufferedReader to write to and read from the file. These classes are handy for manipulating file I/O. We also use StringBuilder Class to manipulate strings in this program.